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Monday, June 4, 2012

Kennedy Live

Been hearing great thing about Kennedy? Us too. Below is a video from their latest show at Trees in Dallas. Also in the video is Black Stone Cherry. Let us know what you think.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Southern Hospitality? Kennedy Band jacked in Austin

So, I just talked with Darrick Caster from the band Kennedy. We were talking about his show last week in Austin and McAllen. He said that they packed up all their gear and staged it in a safe area, he thought. After loading everything up and heading to McAllen, when they arrived Saturday afternoon his symbol pack was gone. Really sucks being on the road and finding out that someone jacked your gear. Derek had a great symbol pack. It was a full set of A Customs Classic Ride over 40 years old that can't simply be replaced. Luckily, in McAllen they rolled out the red carpet and a guy sold them some symbols expensively to get to the show. Christmas short of came early this year for DC (Darrick Castor) because he was able to find a way to make the show go on. But it still sucks because he has to buy the rest of his Christmas because the cheap “show must go on” symbol pack isn’t a long-term fix. Good thing the Guitar Center guys (Chris Landrum or Chill) can hook him up, because Kennedy has a show in Houston tomorrow night then back to Dallas for a show at Trees, Saturday.